There, in the woods

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what it feels like to be in those frightening woods.

There, in the woods

an open letter by @saveourminds

Dear friend,

You know that place,


in the woods.

Where it's full of tall trees with enormous hollows,

and webs, and spiders,

and bushes with sharp thorns.

There, in the woods,

Where it has the most unusual of animals, and snakes, and insects.

You might hear a wolf howling,

You might make friends with a grasshopper.

You know what place I'm talking about.

That place.

Where you're afraid to go.

I've slept there, my dear friend.

I've cooked

I've hurt

I've laughed

I've cried

I've sang

I've danced

I've loved

And I saw all of these scary things, the poisonous herbs and the grizzly bears.

And I saw snakes and cockroaches and beetles.

and I saw the constellations, scorpio, ursa major and minor, leo, cassiope, cygnus, and gemini

And I saw a deer,

I even saw a baby fox.

Have you ever seen one?

I saw squirrels, and heard birds sing,

as the sun rose above us.

I even saw a scorpion, a poisonous one.

But I didn't get scared.


I had to reason to get scared.

They were next to me, and I could count on them.

And then,

only then,

did I experience a feeling I could call happiness.

I'm sorry for you, my friend.

I'm sorry for you, the one who fears and wonders why I put myself through such experiences.

I'm sorry for you, my friend.

I'm sorry for you, for the fear you have in your heart,

will stop you from understanding what happiness is all about.

(August 29th 2016, 2:48 am)

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