[the one where i can't write]
[the one where i can't write] stories

saveourminds a torrent of feelings trapped in skin.
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[the one where i can't write]


i always thought that throughout life

daily experiences would be enough to sprout inspiration

whether that was small or big, happy or sad, ordinary or uncommon, incidents.

i thought that, whatever their feelings, one would always be able to express themselves with a paper and a pen.

little did i know.

i can't fathom a lyrical sentence anymore.

i can't convey a subliminal message behind a sentence, a poem, or a goddamn story anymore.

i can't find the suitable words to express my feelings anymore.

you've confused me.

you took my power away.

why did you take my power away?

how did you take my power away?

they say that the ones who seek to express themselves through art; drawing, singing, writing,

are the ones who are hurt

and only now, that you have filled my heart with nothing but butterflies,

do i understand.

hell, you stole my getaway.

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