"After all, what is life?"

      "After all, what is life?" school stories

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"After all, what is life?" he said, with a Mona Lisa smile on his face. "Any ideas?"

what went on in that English class, one day in Melbourne.

"After all, what is life?"

a short story by @saveourminds

"After all, what is life?" he said, with a Mona Lisa smile on his face. "Any ideas?"

No hands raised.

Maybe they were all scared since someone must have made sure to tune down their voice a couple of times. Even Dorothy stayed silent.

Mr Henry looked outside, at the clouded sky, and smirked.

"Tell me, son, what do you see?"

"Dark" Jace said bluntly.

They all stayed silent.

"Well, you are partially right. But if you will, look closely, and I bet you can identify your sunny spot.

That's life kids; a clouded sky.

On the one side,

full of black clouds,

but if you seek for light,

you shall find it"

"What if the sky is all cloudy?" Dorothy stood up.

"You shouldn't use an umbrella,

should you sir?

For the umbrella offers a way a way to avoid the problem,

instead of dealing with it,

and one day,

the umbrella will break.

And you will be alone, in the rain.

What should you do then?"

She looked at him with her troubled dusky eyes, and he smiled,

as if he was Jay Gatsby.

"Oh, dear!" he said,

"Sometimes, you just have to do the rainmaking dance,

and it will all be just fine."

Dorothy thought for a second, and bit her lip enthusiastically. She knew. She knew that he knew.

He knew he had given her what she always wanted; a new perspective.

That afternoon, Henry walked home happy, for the first time in months.

He got in his kitchen,

and he let himself


in that pouring rain

on a sunny afternoon in melbourne . . .

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