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She is white, Her innocence encaptures strangers,

She is white,

Her innocence encaptures strangers,

Her lustrous, simple eyes see worlds unimaginable to the experienced,

Her naive mindset makes her forgivable,

She is alive.

She is pink,

Her development makes her vulnerable,

Her obedience allows her to blend into any background,

Her fragility presents her as desirable,

She is bendable.

She is green,

Her growth has strengthened her,

Change is not as scary as it was before,

Previous long-term authority figures have lost their power,

She is new.

She is yellow,

But the light in her eyes are still the same,

She no longer idolizes the materialistic lifestyle,

She is humble.

She is black,

She is fragile again,

The creases in her face outline her journey,

She is not as charming as she was before,

Adventure is limited to only a dream,

But freedom seems closer than ever imagined.

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