Love Hurts
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savannahcarpentTrying to make sense of it all.
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Love Hurts

by savannahcarpent

I feel like I need you now

I know that you are my heroin

I loved you so much

But you hurt me daily

You gave me such happy times

Other times you would terrify me

Without you now, I feel free

Sometimes I think about our love

Roller coaster emotions

Nights of screaming for help

and I think to myself

This was the right choice

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commaThe Commaful Team
a year ago
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flutrahCommunity member
3 months ago
The day I moved on
He was gone and I was left with my feelings.

HanamiKKHetalian, Otaku, Free! addict,ProudPinay
a year ago
Another poem based on my experience Enjoy! 😋💚

bernardtwindwilGranddad & story teller,
9 months agoReply
Wonderfully descriptive and emotionally laden. You wrote with passion. This is beautifully put together from an artistic point of view. If it hurts, it isn't love. Love can have misunderstanding, but never fear and pain. You can argue a point without belittling and hurting the other. Love is not obsessional need, it is not clinging with fear of loss, it is not here one minute and gone the next. I am sorry you were hurt. Next time be more careful. There are always signs this is a dangerous liason.