Thank you said those eyes!!
Thank you said those eyes!! fishtank stories

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Animals have hearts too!!

Thank you said those eyes!!

Days ago I had a sudden urge to adopt a fish,I was thrilled of having a fish as a pet and went to a local supermarket to buy a bowl,I brought 6 tiny fishes,

While I was returning back to my house 1 died,I could not believe my eyes,I flushed in into Toilet,then another died within half an hour,I didn't know what was happening,

I put some fish food and noticed that they were too big for them to eat,(Apparently I thought they were playing with their food,

but they were trying to eat their food which was drifting away)I crumbled them into pieces,and I could notice that they could eat it somehow,another fish died within an hour,

death toll raised to 3,I could not believe my eyes,I was the reason for 3 lives,I decided I could not take anymore lives,I decided to release them,

I travelled 20km to release them into the lake nearby,amazingly no fish was hurt during the journey,I released them in the evening,I could see two fishes glancing at me,I could feel something,

I could sense the freedom in those eyes,as if they were thanking me for freeing them from life imprisonment

I rippled the water with my hands and directed them to go away and live your life,never to be seen again,I could not forget those tiny eyes...

When I went to visit the shopkeeper,he was a murderer,I could see so many dead fish!!

What I learned should be a lesson

Fishes do not belong in a fish bowl

The fish are the most ill-treated species among different pets

Do not confine their life!!

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