I am a dog
I  am a dog food stories

sauravtedd My heart goes on and on
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The story of an abandoned dog

I am a dog

I hate humans

They beat me up everytime I ask them for food

I stopped trusting them

Then suddenly

a miracle happened

A little boy gave me his last biscuit

That was the best meal I've tasted in months

the boy started giving me a biscuits everyday since then

I started to trust humans all over again

I started to love them with all my will

Suddenly the boy stopped coming

Days passed without food,I swayed with the wind

I heard that he passed out of highschool

I went to the same place everyday,hoping he would come for me

One day he appeared miraculously from nowhere he was searching for something nearby and I ran towards him

I live in his home now Woof woof!!

I never thought that someone would even search for an abandoned thing

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