Listen up commaful writers:An advice
Listen up commaful writers:An advice whitespacing stories

sauravtedd My heart goes on and on
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An advice on whitespacing!!

Listen up commaful writers:An advice

You all have been great and writing well

This platform is where I express my inner poetry and thoughts

I know how much you love commaful!!

I just noticed that most of ya'll writing long sentences

In a single page Filling the entire page "Cluterring" as I may quote

The back page isn't comfortable for most of the readers eyes

They have to drift through the page,sometimes they may lose interest!!

Make the pages short

Sentences short

No bad words please!!

Make the readers time worth it on your post!!

Leave enough whitespace for the readers eyes!!

I assure that they will love it!!

What are your thoughts on this??

Are there any more improvements to be done?

Let me know in the comments!!

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