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I wish i had the courage

'' by Ria


Clipped Wings

A little piece after being away for some time. Based off a quote from an amazing person.

"Stand not upon the order of your going, but go at once."

I pray you speak not


K e r f u f f l e

"Kerfuffle: It means to make a fuss or a bother, usually when people have different points of view." On today's prompt: Wrist

Your word usage is impeccable

Bleed Anew

Some days are easy, The hours filled with distractions... A tanka series Sorry, I struck out on "wrist".

The art to go with this piece and the words and all their meanings combined, so powerful


...what did Frida Khalo know? (All pictures drawn by me~)

Stunning work

The Human Superpower

Sometimes life tastes like teardrops of white noise.

Hang me out to dry, in the shade🥰🥰🥰 i love this, and it's shadowy contents

S h a d e

The fourth haiku. I feel the need to warn you, it could be a bit too much on the dark side, in the shade, so to say. Keep this in mind.

this is great

An Ode to Pie

With a nod and wink to @sy, the master of food poems. And a pun.