And death followed him
And death followed him stories
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And death followed him

by satanpriya

Wishing shooting star

You must have heard about the curses but not the star curse. This man named Shan standing under the twilight sky filled with the stars wanted to make a wish to the shooting star.


He saw a shooting star and didn't new that it was a cursing asteroid star. This was the time when he was cursed. The curse was nothing but that the death will follow him till he died.

Curse activated

He was sleeeping in his bed when the curse was activated. He woke up in his bed by the nightmare wet with sweat even in this cold weather.

Bees followed

The next day he woke up in the morning and heading off for his office,accidently slipec over the banana peel and the stone nearby hit the bee's hive and all killer bees started following him.

Boat twisted and turned

He found a pond nearby and dived inside; bees soon disappeared. He was releaved but he had to cross the pond and so took a boat for going to the other side, in the way boat twited and he fell.


The boat turned,he fell and was in between the group of phiranas. He opened his lunch box and phiranas were diverted to the lunch and he again escaped.

Bridge paradox

He was brought to the shore by the current. The next thing he had to do was cross the bridge. But wait there was no bridge at that place. He was about to cross and the bridge turned to the snake.

Snake bite

The snake was about to bite the person but soon he ran away and was saved. Ufffffffffffffffffff..............................(sigh)

Back home

He now decided to go back home and take rest and not to go out of the house the whole day.

Ultimate death

Shan reached home, changed and switched on the T.V. He had forgotten to turn off the tap of washroom,the roof was leaking and fell down at weaker point just above his head and he died.


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