Drug addict's love
Drug addict's love stories

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Drug addict's love

by satanpriya

Beautiful place to live at but....

A beautiful place to live at and love and adore. This place was beautiful to look at. Place full of trees and flowers. A place of silence and peace. A place to rest and meditate.

Peace for him,Shan was smoking

This place which was meant to relax and stay away from daily routine was a place to smoke and destroy the lungs for Shan. Not that he was afraid to smoke at home but that he had no one to stop .

A twisting point

One day when he was smoking behind the tree,. He saw a preety heavenly child, who like an angle past near him. He kept gazing her till she disappeared from that place and was out of sight.

Love as a drug

This girl left him of nowhere and he now spent most of his time thinking about her and not with his drugs. Now she was the drug for him....... : )

Finding love

Now the new mission for him was to find the girl. While eating, sleeping , walking he only thought about her. He went everyday to the park and spent his time waiting for the same girl to pass.

Follow her

Ultimately,a day when the girl passed by. Shan started following the girl. The girl became conscious. Shan followed him to her house. From this day on he used to wait outside her house.

Time together

Girl noticed and boy proposed her. They started moving out in the nights together and spent most of the time together. This was not for one day but most of the times.

Happily married

Parents of girl saw them together and went to talk with the boy's parents decided they would be married soon. The dates of engagement and marriage were fixed and they were married.

Shocking funny twist

At their first night together before going to bed the boy asked the girl "What is your name?" The girl was shocked and said "I thought you know my name and that is why you followed me".. shocking

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