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by satanpriya


Shan was a guy with the knowledge of different cultures and languages. His hobby was to go to some place, note down people he observed and document their place and languages they would speak.

Coffee time

He used to drink coffee and eat meals when he wished to in the nearby restaurant and again go out to observe people.

Why stare and note?

A girl was observing him for few days and was really anoyed at him for staring and noting down the activities what people do? She went to him and started to ask loudly and crowd gathered.


Crowd was in a mood to best him up when he said that this girl is spanish from Ibiza, she was stuned and said maybe he has come to tease or kidnap me and so have so much detail about me.

Renowned saint

When he was about to be betten he said that not only the girl but he can tell everyone their birth places from the accents.They asked him certain question,he replied and people called him saint

Income source

He was made the saint and every one came to ask about their ancestors and gave him money instead. The person who never made money was now making money in uncountable digits.

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