Will You Be My Valentine's?
Will You Be My Valentine's? loved stories

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HEYY!! This a a collaboration Involving 20 writers and me from commaful, All of us wrote about the prompts VALENTINE AND LOVE!! Thank you to everyone that participated and I hope we could do this again!!

Will You Be My Valentine's?

An airborne infection lingering through the wind A stinging sensation puncturing my skin Like, Love, Lust, and Libido All types of emotions that soak us with wonder - @Sassmyass1

But this? New discovery, it seems Rebel dauntless of logic Pulse crushing down its case of ribs Fibers of wandering stardust With each sight escape my lips - @Friedchicken

A cloud of stardust Forms every time you blink, And constellations develop Within your irises, Threatening to supernova. - @weeklybrent

Love. Rough, tough. I've had enough of the stuff. Yet so sweet, so neat. It's nice, like a treat. This Valentine's day, I'm alone. That's not fun. There are so many people in the world to meet. I guess I'll just go ahead and love everyone! - @bruvton

We're all hopeless at the end Love, is a part of us, and the need for it Will at the very end Be the death of us - @SXSPAN

Your eyes locked with mine And my heart softly melted So unexpected. All I can think to ask is: Will you be my Valentine? - @stevewaldrop

So please, I persuade against a no This time, as it's the day of Valentine, Let's lock our hearts in harmony with hands, Eyes tangling and bodies intersecting. - @soothrain

In your hands, hold my face. Beguile me with your gaze. When you kiss, I’ll let my eyes close. Standing weak, on my tippy-toes. - @skye

Melody sung of devotion, Our auras mesh into one. Words lodged deep into our throats, Yet unnecessary somewhat, In this passion, we revere cherish, And those words erupt before us, Dance between our eyelids, A boutade of "I-love-you's". - @in

Love is pain It's guilt and longing Love is what drives me to madness Ranting and sadness Even though it fills my life with woe Love is all I know... - @emokitty_artist

He got down on one knee Asked if she would be his Not for just today but eternity with him He seductively kissed her neck Once she accepted with a yes A loving embrace They could both taste The heat in the room grew No longer being a two - @jemise78

Forever alone what is the point of love this means nothing to me people swooning filled with glee it means nothing to me I wish day did not exist please make this stop people acting all oh I love you makes me filled with hatred it then all ends a week later they are arguing like there is no love at all. so what's the point of this all please end it all. - @muigoku2433

So what if I helped you? Take your problems away Be who you need me to be. Would you then love me like a friend, a parent, or even a lover would? - @rosarlei

So what if you've been hurt. I've been hurt too. I want to help. Just let me into your life. Let me there for you, forever. - @ginger_night

But don't you listen to the voices above They beseech you to forsake All the beauty that we make And we die in the arms of those who we love And we die in the hands of those who we love - @affinity

We may die; but to rise again, For pure unblemished love; plain, And untouched level of trust, Washing away infidelity's rust, To fall over again; in love. - @debadityadutta

I want someone to love Can I have someone to love? Another Valentine's Day alone With my cat and my thoughts Is too much to bear I don't really care about chocolates and flowers I just want someone to hold me and be there - @animefreak

I feel something weird Something good dispersing on my body I feel the heat filling my skin Am I sick? Your is just love fulfilling me? - @edie_taylor

What is this feeling? Of something new The pounding in my chest Leaving thoughts of wonder Craving it like an addiction The feeling love gave me - @tayz

I’ve never felt this before. My heart beating itself crazy. I can’t handle it anymore. I just wanted to say, “I love you” - @lunaaa

It's not just pain and getting hurt Life also can be beautiful Grateful that you joined my way Because with your love Valentine's is every day - @goldenratio0618

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