Tartarean Night
Tartarean Night  breathe stories

sassmyass1 Royalty of Commaful
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A story of a wronged girl. (HER POV) (PT1)

Tartarean Night

Stranded in the streets Waiting for the bus to reach By myself

Feels like a couple of weeks have passed I'm getting pretty scared right now Still by myself

A ghost town is all I see Until a light sparks by the lake Am I still all by myself?

The man in the car approaches me My heart rate fluctuates uncontrollably Why do I feel like I'm still all by myself?

A wave of relief takes over me Suddenly tackled onto the hard concrete Why is it getting hard to breathe?

He forces his way onto me It's getting really cold out here In this dank, dark, damp alleyway

I beg and cry out Stop it, please You're really really hurting me I wish I was all by myself

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