Unapolegetically ( a bitch )
Unapolegetically ( a bitch ) unapolegetic stories

sassmyass1 Royalty of Commaful
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You really think that I want to take something from you?

Unapolegetic that bitch tried to unapolegetically the unapolegetic bitch

Unapolegetically ( a bitch )

You might think that I too Want to take something from you You might try to steal it boo Unapolegetically You have taken something from me

Thinking that you're damn slick baby A cunt that pussied out of here Unsorrowful wishful thinking A plague that grew down underneath A bridge that drove the grand sewer

Unapolegetically a bitch That unapolegetically thought that they could wish Unapolegetic that bitch tried to unapolegetically the unapologetic bitch

Unapolegetically I took him and her from down your wing A stole something from you a fling Then asked them to buy me some bling

later on through out the night I sneaked around Went out of sight A bitch that unapolegetically Unapolegetically the "original" king

That's why you must remember baby Don't try to come for me Ask yourself before trying Cause you wouldn't stand unless underneath

You won't even survive The clownery at site Your blabbering ignorance sooner would fall down to the pits And I stand up here once again

The Unapologetic EMPEROR!!!!!!

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