The Zodiacs
The Zodiacs   battle stories

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hope you guys enjoy <3

The Zodiacs

Bearing these slithering, venomous snakes, Like Aquarius had borne the ocean lakes, Like Pisces births creativity....back is starting to ache, Pessimist, Sag and Ophiuchus, cannot relate....

Perfectionism lands in Mars, among all the stars, Like a Virgo, i'll judge you so damn hard, Pray that the plagiar won't pull out the victim card, Cause a Rising Leo could be too damn harsh,

Like a water-bearer i'm sure to constellate, Won't blabber, a Taurus stomps on the case, Prompts written about, I've rested my case, Cancerous moon, going back to hibernate,

Capricorn, no bullshit is served today, Constellation written about, this ain't no word play, Won't find six word proses, as you explore my page, Patience has ceased to exist, battle on! Aries plunged with all the rage,

Scrolling past these copypastas, Not a Scorpio, you'll never catch me slurping down these pastas, Gemini, adapting to all this drama, Not a Libra, won't catch me drowning in self pity...

Written by the unapologetic bitch: ~ Hisham (@sassmyass1)

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