The SuperNaturals *3*
The SuperNaturals *3* fantasy stories

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The back story of the vampire, witch, and bloodhound.

The SuperNaturals *3*

*Back story of Katherine* Katherine was an original vampire that was turned by getting bit by a hexed bat. After the bats bite, Katherine went on a killing rampage and drained an entire village and dried out their citizens from blood.

This made Katherine furious and hate herself as to being a blood sucking hungry beast. Throughout the decades she's lived she learnt to control her urges and tries her best to feed on people without harming them.

* Backstory of Sierra the witch* Sierra is an abandoned teenage witch that managed to possess great power after creating her own type of magic She learn to use the elements around her and not only bend them but channel their power into mystical energy that can obliterate anything it touches

Being born from mundane witch bloodline she managed to turn her bloodline into one of the most powerful witch bloodline, but only she possesses these skills as to being abandoned for years.

*Back story of Arlow the bloodhound* Arlow is the gate keeper of hell, therefore he guards the lands from any evil that could come, they out live most creatures and use the help of banshees to demolish any evil from their world.

They possess great power that makes them immune to many types of magic that any creature could cast on them. Their blood is made of flames, their skin is as dense as obsidian and their bite is deadly; those along many other skills help them keep their world at peace

*Narrator* The populations of all creatures varies greatly witches, werewolves, and vampires make up for most of the supernatural species while creatures like angels, demons, banshees, and bloodhounds are rare and hard to find.

*To be continued*

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