The Sun and The Moon And Eclipses
The Sun and The Moon And Eclipses  eclipse stories

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Malia saves her lover Alex from imbalance through the eclipse ritual

episode 4 of " Malia the moon goddess"

The Sun and The Moon And Eclipses

Alex has resurrected from his rejuvenation ritual

But he's furious

Furious over what happened to him around the astroid belt.

furious because of the healing process that Malia and Arden have put him through

"There were many ways that you were capable of healing me and you chose to throw me into my satellite knowing how it'd react!" says Alex to the goddesses

" We wanted you to rejuvenate as fast as possible for balance," says Malia hesitating

" FOR BALANCE?! You do realize that THE SUN could've aged millions of years expanding into its next form and devouring all the planets in its way?!"

Boiling blood, boiling rocks, molten stone, molten lava.

Pouring from his vessels and through them.

Loosing control.

The sun is deteriorating slowly and the moon could feel it.

Arden says " I feel the slowing of a star and I can't figure which one it is..."

Alex collapses * Malia forms a ritual of the Eclipse "

" The Sun and The Moon, a body of one, combining into a shooting rain of flames, fury, Will, and light. Eclipse take over us and return to balance! "

Saving her Lover Malia and Alex live on in peace after overcoming another obstacle

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