The Seven Deadly Sins
The Seven Deadly Sins  fiction stories

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walking through the deadly sins

The Seven Deadly Sins

Seven deadly sins Will you take a glimpse Join us as we commit a crime Unethical at best

Starting off with Lust, Lick up the horniness, Feels so good, As the testes or clitoris, Climax,

Moving onto the Gluttonous, Cuisines, literally, endless, Cannot choose what to ingest, Craving every little spec,

Strutting in a Greedy thing, Want everything for myself, A car, a house, a little pet; Don't be shy, I will accept; Shower me with all the gifts,

Snores of the Sloth are heard, Sleeping through, the sunsets Although the sun rises again, His echos are heard, by the deaf

Then rages in Wrath, A stubborn Taurus, Storming ferociously through the fortress, Spreading like a virus, Aura present, can't hide from it, it really is enormous

Whines again the Enviousness Aggravated at nature itself A jealous bitch, hates everything, Resenting the universe for nothing,

Runs in the Prideful lioness, Presence unwavering Roars loud, as she is the only one that "exists" Rules the world like it's lawless, Thinks she's better than existence.

Is it a crime? Give me a dime. As I walk through life. Every single time I sin! It really is fictional!

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