The Rise Of Jeffree Star
The Rise Of Jeffree Star  series stories

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The life of Jeffree Star.

The Rise Of Jeffree Star

Growing up with an alcoholic mother, and the lack his father must have been hard

Day by day his depression worsens

During highschool he started wearing make up, and being himself; which lead to the increase of many of his problems

From the slurs thrown at him, to being verbally abused and sometimes physically assaulted.

Many career paths have crossed him too, from working at Mac as a make up artist to music to escorting then launching his own youtube channel AND make up brand which both skyrocketed.

Jeffree has finally found some peace in his life with his dogs and boyfriend.

But then again, pros come with cons don't they?

Many friendships have formed between him and others.

Toxic friendships that ended badly, and great friendships that bloomed into a fairytale filled with happiness

Many accusations of him being racist, sexist and even a monster.

People have even started accusing his boyfriend of cheating!

But Jeffree stood up for himself and teamed up with Shane to share some of his life to the world.

What could Jeffree hit us with next? The relaunch of his music career? Or?

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