The pedophiles *Pt2*
The pedophiles *Pt2* scifi stories

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Why is does this ancient kid seem so familiar to me?

The pedophiles *Pt2*

Skeletons stacked on top of each other. Some looked broken, deformed, burnt, cracked, even turnt into a powder.

No one knew if those things were the outcome of the torture those kids endured. However, butterflies that were unbearable began to develop in my stomach.

I felt so uncomfortable the moment I laid eyes on a specific skeleton. My eyes began to swell too.

I slowly got up and left the classroom to use the bathroom I have never experienced such discomfort in my life. It felt as if someone had struck my heart with spears of poison.

I washed my face and went back to class; I walked in on the class discussing the different victims that were discovered. Some random names were beginning to show up on the news article we were all reading.

They were very hard to read, almost as if tongue twisters where displayed before our eyes

However, one of the names felt so familiar to me. Atticus Flavian.............. why did I know him....... Why did I feel what he went through...?

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