The Mystic Order *Pt4*
The Mystic Order *Pt4* jewel stories

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The tyrant has gained advantage against the witches... and it's looking bad

The Mystic Order *Pt4*

The rebels never diminished their rioting. Their voices heard all over the peninsula. The king's army has weakened tremendously, especially after the betrayal of a large sum of them

The witches have cursed the lands he walks on rituals amplifying the previous ones The amount of mystical energy has polluted the lands and caused plagues to arise

Creatures and humans are dying from the overbearing amounts of magic that surrounds them The witches are losing their mystic energies and turning into mundane beings

This has threatened the creatures since they excelled in their mystical talents and were weaker when it came to traditional brawls

The tyrant has taken their weaknesses and miscalculations to his advantage making sure to hit them where it hurts

Everything they have ever loved and owned has been stripped away from them

Many were killed in horrible ways, hung out to dry in the sun, stripped of their blood, fed to the wild, and thrown like trash He sat on his jeweled thrown drenched in blood and endless laughs

The king was ruthless when their powers weakened, he did not hold back or sympathize He had no form of mercy since he knew that the magic would turn sparse sooner or later

The witches would be more powerful than ever as to them resting their use of magic And They'd wipe out the tyrant and his followers within seconds

The tyrant targetted the witches themselves; putting huge sums of money and prizes on each of their heads

This war was far from over, it was just beginning.......

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