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The new tyrant has manipulated the death of the empress; and is now unleashing chaos upon the empire. The Mystic Order is aiming to throw him off the thrown.

The Mystic Order

Long ago before the rise of the new Tyrant, lived a family of witches that believed in the equality of all creatures and humans no matter their choices.

All living things were at peace living along side the empress. She did not have any siblings, children, or a partner; her sudden death would cause a riot.

Her eldest cousin despised her ways; he believed in the superiority of humans due to creatures having unnatural appendages and abilities.

He then planned her execution, by sending a group of thugs to assassinate her. Foolishly the thugs followed his orders, due to the promise of letting them be a part of the nobility and government after doing his dirty work.

After the empresses corpse was found, the tyrant commanded the witches to find out who did that; the ones that were capable of tracking fingerprints and such gave him all the details.

He then commanded the witches to execute the thugs, and so they did that.

days passed with his radical system being implemented into the empire, slowly creatures were losing their rights and many of them were being framed of things they haven't done.

The witches then began setting disguises for the creatures, all of them started looking like humans. They did not fight back because it was against their nature.

Any creature that wasn't in disguise was set to become a prisoner, enslaved, tortured, or even executed.

Ever since the witches have taken throwing the tyrant of the thrown their first priority. They created the mystic order which aimed for peace and equality.

Hoping for the days of the past to flourish again.

Just like that, an empire of love and peace crashes into a hell hole filled with hatred and chaos, it feels like they're locked up in a Jail cell

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