The Moon v.s The Tides
The Moon v.s The Tides  greek mythology stories

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Malia faces her first opponent. The God of Neptune!

Episode 2 of " Malia the moon goddess "

The Moon v.s The Tides

" I wage war against you Malia! Stop using my water for your advantage " says William

" I understand the fact that you're the God of the ocean and water, but I'm the goddess of the tides and water you can't do anything without my help and you know that you'd be powerless! " Says Malia

The God of water, the oceans, change, and the earth.

His mood changed quite quickly, Never liking the solutions the other gods have given him. Almost every time he wages war against them!

starting by building a bridge of water towards the moon, he orders his warriors to attack the citizens of the moon.

Malia is aware of this and orders the moon to let go of it gravitational force against the waters

His bridge drops down towards the earth and back to its placement and neither Malia nor William could control it now.

Malia fights him off with her moonlight, while he fights her with his earth bending abilities.

It goes on for over a week of both of the empires demolishing each other, until the Goddess of wisdom war and strategy stops them!

Freya separates the sides with her sword and puts her shield as a barrier between the two.

" I was sent by the Gods to stop this act of degrade! You are Gods you are supposed to be combining your forces against evil not against each other! Says Freya

" You are obliged to clean this mess and return the balance to this world before suffering the consequences! " says Freya

And that's how the world went back to its usual routine of balance. All the Gods setting amends towards each other and living in peace and harmony, without the need of competing for anything.

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