The Middle-aged Men and the Teenage Boy
The Middle-aged Men and the Teenage Boy men stories
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Falling into a deep sleep, filled with the horror of a past life, remembering my tragic death.

The Middle-aged Men and the Teenage Boy

Sitting in class with a few friends

Curiosity brings us to a site about the tragic deaths of youngsters that were taken over by pedophiles

"A 15-year-old Italian boy found murdered and the suspects are two middle-aged men, they physically, emotionally, and sexually abused him to death." some news outlet from the 70's

Anxiety hit me.

Shivering, shaking, lack of breathing

It felt so real to me like a door has been unlocked by a key

Friend: " What's wrong why are you crying? "

Frozen in place

" Why are you acting like this?? "

Crying intensifies and so does the shivering

"It can't be? Y-you're this guy? Could it be a past life?"

Mental breakdown begins

I woke up from this nightmare in a puddle of sweat.

This dream felt o realistic, it was horrifying

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