The Metaphysical Insurrection
The Metaphysical Insurrection  tyrant stories
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sassmyass1Royalty of Commaful
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The tyrant hasn't stopped, wanting the severe torture of idiosyncratic creatures; The mystic order has launched a rebellion in order to take him down.

* Sequel of " The Mystic Order " *

The Metaphysical Insurrection

Days have passed with the death of thousands of creatures.

The emperors envious mind hasn't stopped anywhere

planning on making their lives hectic is his first priority

his jealousy of their supernatural capabilities has ruined him

much to the point where he has implemented a slow and painful death to idiosyncratic creatures.

The mystic order has had enough

" We can not hide anymore! We must fight for our rights!"

From there a march of creatures, humans, and soldiers in distress have launched a rebellion

"Taking down the king won't be easy, but the empresses spirit will surely give us strength! " "To her!"

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