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Tarot card 4

The Empress

Frustration has become a lingering emotion that has been weathering my being for a while now, It's tormented my mind like an unwanted fetus, I've failed to abort this growing tumor in spite of my efforts,

I've gotten used to being the least liked edition of my friend groups, Just sitting there and being stomach turning scarecrows... While I fake laugh and attempt to initiate conversations that are brushed off by everyone i'm around,

I've gotten used to being angry due to the undesirable desires that the universe expects of me, Yet, the hatred and spite continues to engulf my heart to the point where it's become hard to travel past its rising elevation...

like the empress of a town, overshadowed by the man, discredited for my work and disrespected by the hand, I empathize with their puny idles and am met with domestic fists that gift me with bruised melodies that are impossible to ditch,

Awaiting a new opportunity providing some nurturing to upheave my trenched stability, The stagnation of my life has been quite bothersome, yet I lack the elements to hasten its acceleration... Thus, I remain the empress of a nation, failing to flinch out of my head...

Written by the unapologetic bitch: ~ Hisham (@sassmyass1)

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