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The SuperNaturals have sprung out of the darkness to redeem their kind *story*

SuperNatural *1*

*BOOM* comes the door crashing down " Be careful Sierra!!! " shouts Samlock * Sierra screams with utter agony from behind the destruct building around * This mustn't be the end of the superNaturals but----

Long ago lives the super naturals creatures in the woods of the west fearing their lives. The religious riot against them has made it clear that if any of them were to step up and show up anywhere near they'd be executed and burnt at stake.

The superNaturals where creatures of the night, fearing daylight and being caught, they'd sneak out at sundown and do whatever they'd desire. Some creatures looked just like mundane humans, while others had special features that where permanently visible or only would be seen if desired or if cursed.

A Warlock and Banshee have grown together from the womb of nature, never having had any parents they'd rely on each other to survive, an inseparable bond that could never fall. Samlock and Holland the warlock and banshee of the woods, both of them fierce males are out on the hunt to find salvation for their kind.

Long ago they'd met up with a group of three, a vampire, bloodhound, and witch. Banshees and bloodhounds have been known to have a special bonding connection when it came to female banshees and male bloodhounds, but in the case of Holland he was one of his kind, the only male of his species.

Banshees were strictly born to be females since they'd nurture kids that were abandoned by their parents, but here grew up the lonely male banshee that wouldn't know how to live without the help of Samlock. Holland grew to admire Samlock as his older brother and grew to loving warlocks and banshees as to Samlocks kind being accepting to Holland

Samlock would take care and nurture Holland as one of his own, as if they'd been born of same blood. After meeting up with the their new friends they'd go on missions to save their kind from the destruct of human kind.

A witch, warlock, banshee, bloodhound, and vampire going through to find the redemption of their supernatural nature. The SuperNaturals sprung out and rumors float around as to their legendary mysterious acts to be real or not. ~ To Be continued

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