Staring right back at me
Staring right back at me staring stories

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I see you staring right back at me!

Staring right back at me

I see you staring boy; I see you staring girl; I see you staring right-back-at-me;

Yearning, for, What you've been asking for! I see you drooling over all-of-them-things!

Cravings, eating at your insides! I see you staring boy, staring girl; Staring right back at the crown!

-Staring-right-at-me- Standing a few feets away, Question, babe? Go ahead and take it away!

Promiscuous! So envious! Can't seem to understand you're dealing with the a crowned sadist, Crave some more, Plead for what you're asking for!

I know that you've been looking back and forth! Can't seem to run and hide..... Your demons keep on dragging you back to me!

You want some of this? You want to all to yourself? Admit it babe! -You'll always end up coming back to me!-

Written by the unapologetic bitch: ~ Hisham (@sassmyass1)

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