staring right at me
staring right at me  stare stories

sassmyass1 Royalty of Commaful
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Can't escape me (song)

staring right at me

I see you staring boy I see you staring girl I see you staring right-back-at-me Yearning, for What you've been asking for Wanting more Yearning, for

Starring right at me You want something babe? Just few feets away Question babe? Ask away Go ahead Take it away

I know that you've been looking back and forth For something that you've been craving know that you've-been wanting to ask me to fulfill your burning desires No matter where No matter who

you are with, you just keep coming back to me A girl or boy Can not, distract You from me You can't escape

Can't run away Nowhere left to hide Demons drag you back to me You want some of this? You want to take it all away? Admit it babe You just keep coming back to me!

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