Soul bound
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Ellipse Award winning Romance story (2020).

Soul bound

Ellipse Award winning Romance story (2020).

"But don't you love me?!" She screamed. "You said that you'd never leave me?!" She continues. Aren't we supposed to be soulbound?!!" She shrieks.

Reality, another day at working at an agency that over piles bullshit onto my desk and expects me to finish it by 7 pm. Working as an attorney at one of the biggest law firms in new york has always been my dream. And I did achieve it don't get me wrong.

However, I never expected for it to turn out this way. I wanted to be the fierce bad bitch that walks into court cutting people right and left with my glares and winning like it was a walk in the park. It wasn't always easy, but I do win often.

I've lost a couple of times, not many times, I could count the amount of times I've failed to win on my fingers. Not many times is basically what I'm trying to say. I AM good at what I do after all.

I've always been a pathological workaholic. Nothing phased me in a way that was distracting enough. Nothing changed the way I perceived life. My perspective was my career. My career brought me happiness.

Nothing changed. Until YOU came.

Built-up like a god, golden skin, diamond smile, thick brown hair, caught my heart. You really were perfect in the looks department. But sadly, your personality was gutter trash.

I really expected myself to finally have another purpose in life that didn't involve my job. But I was wrong.

You climbed the ladders of the firm like it was a walk in the park, you challenged everyone and won so swiftly. Nothing got in your way. You always walked around with a smirk on your face and I admired that, you reminded me of myself.

Your reminded me of myself to an unbearable level.

And to make matters worse, you now have become my OWN challenge. Both of us had to battle to become the next in line to reach the next name partner in our law firm.

Keating Price, was the name currently. I knew in my heart that I was many steps ahead of you in the client department, but I didn't expect you to catch up so quickly.

You plagued me for months. Forced to work with you as my partner in solving any case. The name partners made us work hand in hand to see who'd come on top from each and every single case that we had to handle.

And that's when I started to know you. The real you. A sensitive charismatic and caring man, so pure and so awfully admirable.

I fell in love the second you opened that mouth of yours. and It turned out horribly perfect.

The second the words "Will you be my girlfriend?!" came out of your mouth, I melted within your arms and kissed you underneath the starry stars. It was a perfect love story.

But you managed to ruin everything in one night. When I caught you cheating.

And I wish it was with another person. You were cheating on our job progress.

You downplayed every single little thing I did, making it seem like you were the one that was carrying the team and doing most of the workload.

I couldn't have seemed more of an idiot that right now; It was humiliating in every sort of way.

"We are soulbound!" is what you used to say to me every night before we went to bed.

"We are soul bound!" "We are soul bound!" "We are soul bound!" "We are soul bound!" "We are soul bound!" "We are soul bound!" "We are soul bound!"

That phrase just kept on repeating itself in my head, over and over and over and over. It was starting to suffocate me!!

I went to the office and stayed till midnight refiguring the files in order to retain every little effort I put.

How could I have been so stupid, to believe that a self-serving narcissist would actually fall for me??? What a fucking moron.

Love is the first thing that I avoided all my life. You made my life a living hell.

"Good morning, Alex Spark," I say with a tint of anger. "Good morning, Rebecca Lahey," he says in a confused manner. "Is everything alright??" he asks in confusion. "Just checking on you." I murmur lowly.

(What a dick), I think to myself. He really has the audacity of saying all this shit to me after all of the things he's done.

In three days, was the day were the next name partner would've been announced to the entire law firm, and to the world.

I had to put in a lot more effort than usual, I wasn't taking any chances of losing against a fraudulent man.

I'm a woman of color, there weren't many like me in such high places of power, I would've made history as one of the few black female name partners, if not the first.

I did not break up with him yet either. He still thinks that he's playing me. But he can't win against the big dog. I'm known for my intellect, I'm not letting a lowly person outsmart me!!

"We have to argue a plea deal, in order to disallow them from taking this to court!!" he yells. "Pleas deal?? PLEA DEAL???" I yell back. "The woman was RAPED! And you want to buy her justice off???"

" Are you being for real, right now Alex??" I say disappointedly. "She's against people of power, if we take this to court she's going to fail!!" He says angrily. "JUST LISTEN TO ME WOMAN!!" He yells slamming his fist onto the table.

"EXCUSE ME??" I say in disbelief. "Woman???" "Who do you think you're talking to you dickhead??" I say angrily "I've been handling shit like this for years now!"

" I sure as hell am not going to let a newcomer come and boss me around!" I sigh angrily

And of course the sensitive little boy storms out of the room. Now don't get me wrong he's not much younger than me, I'm 27 and he's 24. Yet, he still believes that he's my superior...

Our relationship was on the rocks too. We did nothing but fight, we weren't intimate anymore, and we were so far away from lasting together.

"Your just an old stupid hag, you're literally balding and have a belly that reaches the end of the road!!" He yells at me He did nothing but bully me and trust me I didn't leave a chance without downing on him.

2 Days till the trial starts. The men negotiating with us walk in. And offer to pay 3 million dollars for the lawsuit to be dropped. Alex was not in the conference room and missed the meeting.

We didn't end up agreeing on anything and each wanted to do whatever we decided on. Since he wasn't here I took the chance to refuse the plea deal and fight for this girl's rights and bring her justice along with the money being offered if not more!

Alex was not too happy about that. He stormed into our room yelling and throwing things around. Calling me all types of names found in any book.

I was reaching my bounds. I was not having it with him anymore and sure as hell was tired.

I broke up with him. "You wanna do what?" he says with his voice breaking "Are you fucking deaf?? look at our relationship Alex!!" I shrug off his disbelief. "Drop the act, and be realistic, we are not working out and you know it"

"We do nothing but fight, we're always at each others necks, and we do nothing that's close to being remotely healthy." I continue rambling on He begins to cry and drops to the floor sobbing.

" You can sleep on the couch today, and by tomorrow we're fighting for her rights, and your packing your bags and fucking off!"

It's the next day and i'm showering in the guilt of yesterday. (I'm such a bitch sometimes, Jesus.) I whisper to myself as I begin to get teary in the shower. The water brushes onto my legs and the steam caresses my cheeks

Yet none of this warmth can ease the pain and ache I'm feeling. I finish showering and go out to check on Alex, and find an empty house. As quiet as a ghost town.

A few hours pass and we meet in the conference room. "We have the trial in an hour," he says lifelessly. I nod and head to my office to prepare our entire speech, he follows.

"We argue about the dna evidence found within the scene and on her body, it's the best way for us to win!" I say. "We must also consider the timings of everything that happened and the camera footage of the building so that he wouldn't try to twist the story up!" he says eagerly.

(I forgot what good of a team we made.) I think to myself as we head to court.

The judge begins by speaking and introducing the case. "This is case 90163 about the alleged rape of Ally Sanders," says the judge. The trial begins and we act as the first and second chairs. (I being the first due to more experience within this field).

"The CEO of Daniels' officeries, has bee harassing, stalking, and predating on my client for months now." "He tried bribing her with promotions if she slept with him, he'd buy her gifts in an attempt to coerce her into sleeping with him, and do many more things trying to get to her." Rebecca says.

The defense given in their statement was a bunch of shitty lies that made no sense, the jury wasn't buying their crocodile tears It's time for me to end this. "I would like to bring forth Adam Daniels, to the stand." Says Alex.

Adam walks to the stand and pledges to swear to give nothing but the truth.. (Like anyone ever tells the truth) thinks says Alex as he shakes his head. Mr. Daniels, where were you on this Friday at 8 pm.

"I was at home" says Daniel's hesitantly "Then why do I have footage of you in the Hilton hotel the same exact day at 8 pm??" asks Alex "Cheating on your wife, by taking advantage of your employee..that's something.." Says Alex

Mr. Daniels begins to get flustered. The jury doesn't see him as truthful in any form of way. Alex takes a seat. "Miss Lahey, would you like to ask Mr. Daniels anything??"

"How hypocritical of men to judge each other on something that they all do, huh??" Says Rebecca as she stands Alex gets flustered "Mr. Daniels, you manipulated, coerced, took advantage of, and raped your employee." Says Rebecca.

"I as a woman, as a human, as a soul; have experienced all of that by many people that I've been with in the past" explains Rebecca " In fact, I currently just ended a horrible relationship I wa-" Rebecca gets cut off by Alex

"Miss Lahey, this isn't about you, can you please stick to topic and not wander off!" Says Alex angrily. Rebecca sighs. "I'm sorry Alex, but this is a problem!! I'm furthering the already existing point, do not interrupt me." Says Rebecca

"I would like to apologize, your honor," says Alex "Dismiss the conversation between Miss Lahey and her partner," Says the judge.

"I was in love with a man that used me for his benefit, he took advantage of our partnership in order to further his position in our law firm," says Rebecca "This is a disgusting form of a Man in power taking advantage of his fellow female worker; whether CEO or not; it's happening!"

Alex stands and asks for the forensic doctor to come to the stand as a witness. "Doctor Bowey, was the semen analysis you found the same as the one taken from Mr. Daniels?" asks Alex. "Yes" answers the doctor directly.

"Was there any sign of a struggle?" asks Rebecca. "There were bruises all over the victim's legs and abdominopelvic region, which could indicate to sign of struggle," says the doctor.

Alex furtherly asks whether there were any other forms of evidence found that links Mr. Daniels directly to the rape.

(I at this moment am sitting and all I'm hearing is the sound of mumbling.) thinks Rebecca I can't gather my thoughts together. "Mrs. Lahey, would you like to give your concluding statement, or would you like your partner to do it?"

I jump to my feet involuntarily and start to preach emotionally. "WHY???!" I shriek. Everyone in the courtroom looks confused. "Excuse me?" says the judge in a confused tone. Rebeccas POV

"Why did you have to take advantage of her and cheat her out of a healthy and happy life that she just strived to have!!" I say dramatically. "She's a human being! A woman that could have wanted to get married at some point in her life and conceive children!"

"A woman that was horribly taken advantage of!" "Why would you take away the only thing that she held pride in?" "You traumatized her, she suffered, suffers!!! Today, tomorrow, yesterday, in a month, and after a decade!!!!!!"

"She may never be the same; just cause of the few minutes, that felt like centuries to her!" "Where her world crumbled!!!" *The girl they're defending starts to cry* *Alex begins to tear up, along with many of the present are brought to tears.*

"Why Mr. Daniel's? Why did you have to take advantage of her?" "Why did you have to RAPE her????" Rebecca exclaims as she walks back to her seat.

The courtroom goes into a period of silence. Mr. Daniel's judges, do you have anything to add on?? "No you honor"

The jury leaves for a couple of minutes and comes back with a ruling so quickly. We won.....

I jump in excitement. "ALEX we DID IT!!!!!!!!!" screamed Rebecca as she jumped into Alex's arms kissing him. "Didn't you break up with me yesterday?? what are you doing???" Says Alex angrily

Rebecca's heart drops as she tries to come up with something to say. "Meet me at the firm, we have to turn in the case so that the name partners can decide on who gets to be on the same wall as them," says Alex in monotone as he exits the room.

The next day comes and it's the day where we'd get to know whether I or Alex are the next name partner. I Put on my make up and dress up for the important meeting.

As I exit my house, enter my car, exit my car, enter the offices.....I feel my legs trembling throughout the day I feel my heart race throughout the day I feel my adrenaline rush skyrocket into space

I feel my life stop; as we walk into the office The name partners begin to explain how the procedure to pick the next is. None qualified except for I and Alex to even run for it.

They continue to explain as I wander into space. (Could I have put all this effort into nothing??) I think to myself.

"Both of you pass!!" says one of the name partners. "What?!!!!!! We both pass??" says Alex. "If we both passed then why did you make us work together??" asks Rebecca

"To be name partner, you must fit into the box that you're put in; both of you surpassed every single challenge you've been put up against" Explain the name partners "You both pass"

We exit each entering our corner offices. "Do I love him/her"; they think to themselves. "I apologize/forgive everything that's happened?"

We stumble into each other as we both had planned to speak to one another.

"I can't be with you, Rebecca!" says Alex. "I've thought about it a lot, and I just can't, I know that I've been awful to you, but I don't see this working out." Explains Alex

My world has never fallen into pits of hell like this before. I can't believe that he said this to me after all he's done. But I'm not gonna bother answering him back; I'm just gonna walk away and live my life.

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