The Rise of a Shooting Star
The Rise of a Shooting Star  star stories

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Malia and Arden have to save Alex before it's too late!

Episode 3 of " Malia The Moon Goddess "

The Rise of a Shooting Star

Malia And Arden the goddess of the moon and the goddess of the stars.

have wandered into space after a strange explosion occurs near the astroid belt

Finding The god of the sun passed out on an astroid

" Malia we can't save him or earth if he dies! " says Arden

" Don't worry I know how to fix this!"

Malia starts gathering hydrogen gas around him, telling Arden to start creating a star

" Are you out of your mind?!" says Arden " Just trust me!" replies Malia

The hydrogen catches on fire and the star starts expanding, Malia and Arden back away from the Star and use their telekinesis ability to give it a push

Quickly the star starts eating up the surrounding helium atoms turning them into its fuel

A shooting star is travelling towards the sun

After a few minutes its crashes into the sun, Malia and Arden are long gone in earth taking cover and warning the planets of a solar storm that's hitting them

"Alex the god of the sun is in agony and is healing in the sun, the sun senses his pain and is raging with fury and flames onto the planets!" says Malia

"Go to his temple and perform prayers and rituals for your god!"

"Losing him would mean the end of the universe!"

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