Scatter the ashes
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Scatter the ashes

I was told to scatter the ashes of my love, The ashes that reminded me of our love, The ashes that turned to dust upon the stars of the night, The ashes, so grey like a movie screen in the early 90's,

I was told to scatter the ashes upon the stars, I was told to scatter the ashes and liquify the memories we shared at a point in time, My love, My love?

I was told to scatter the ashes that never existed in my life, The ashes of a past life, that I had longed for all this time, The ashes that burnt at dusk and dimmed at dawn, I question, if the flare failed to ignite this time.

I scattered the ashes and they were swallowed by whales, They swam away and passed them upon the seven seas, The five oceans carry the love we once had, The waters had finally sent you away; far enough for me to feel our love, and rest in peace...

Written by the unapologetic bitch: ~ Hisham (@sassmyass1)

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