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First "part" of my yearly collab, between multiple people mentioning their new year resolutions.
10 members on this collab <3

Resolute my Year

Sorry for not posting it yesterday :( I was pretty sick but it's going up now!!! Enjoy!!

My New Years resolution is to write like my heart desires me to, and to always be true to myself and do what makes me happy ~ @sassmyass1

To write more, to create more, Procrastinate less, read more, and generally express more of the stuff swirling around in my skull ~ @irenemccormick

My resolution is to keep myself more controlled but still try to express myself ~ @ak909

My New Years' resolution is to make every day different and interesting in some way so I am not stuck in a daily grey cycle. ~ @mockingjay

To be free of sickness and negative mindset To write more of what I want To graduate University To achieve more things in life To love and learn more To be the year where misfortunes decreases than before To live better for everyone ~ @basharasweet

My new years resolution is to be nicer ~ @lianna_writes

-Closer relationship with God. Pass the Gace and Edtpa for teaching. -Be more confident in myself and around people. -Be more organized and clean -Be more reliable and committed to a task

-Self-publish a children’s book by April 2020. -Lose 30 pounds by August 2020. ~ @kzachar1

To speak up—set my words free and stand up for my passions. ~ @whynot

To get myself a life ~ @jasgorilla

My resolution is to love people better and to get off my butt and do some workouts cuz I hate how my body looks ~ @bellatheninja

~~ANONYMOUS: not lose my temper, overeat, curse, or ignore others'. And to draw/sketch and write. And when feeling like breaking any section of the resolution, to try and recall, along with finishing any homework not done. If there is none, try to focus on keeping the rest of the resolution.

Thank you for reading!! Do you have any similar resolutions to anyone on here?? If so leave a comment telling your New Year resolutions!!! Happy New Year <3333 (Next part will be posted next year!!)

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