psychotically you can't leave
psychotically you can't leave  psycho stories

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You will never leave me hunny (song)

psychotically you can't leave

Maybe i'm psychotic But there's one thing left for you to say Putsho hands around me Bring me closer to you baby Make sure you surround me Completely

Hunny Baby theres one thing to say I will slash your tires away If you dare try to leave You might fall down drowning Wouldn't h-help you breathe

You mustn't try to be with no body else Cause I am the best You're my one and only I am your mess Psychotically you can't leave Me

So put your hands around me Bring me closer to you baby Put your hands around me Make me feel like 'm drownin hunny Psychotically you won't leave Wouldn't let you leave

So please remember baby If you try running away You might as well be dead

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