please let down your hair
please let down your hair  princess stories

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Just let down your hair (song)

please let down your hair

Repunzel throws down her platinum blonde hair for her man to climb She asks for him to be cautious because she's feeling down If he doesn't abide by her demands he will be thrown A pan to the head wouldn't account for what happens.

Repunzel the queen of the tower The lonely standing tower Repunzel the siren wailing by Luring her victims to the top of the hills Throwing them down the mills

Rapunzel always gets her way Everything that she desires Everybody's fate is wrapped around her fragile little hands So Rapunzel proceed to throwing down your hair I need for you to lift me up

Levitating through the nights as she desires I'm asking for your help Don't leave me in the depths of the towers The snakes are poisonous A murderous power

Repunzel remember her by her name When the queen of the highest towers Requests for your presence You must be summoned Without any delay

Without questioning or reluctance If her wishes aren't met right away Her wrath will wrap you around the bay You might think of hiding but repunzels men never get away

Just remember your as good as dead Forgotten Erased Scrapped of the books of history You simply just were never there

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