please do not leave me
please do not leave me  gold stories

sassmyass1 Royalty of Commaful
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Feeling tranquilized without you :'( (song)

please do not leave me

You were a guiding star Reaching out to me You held a light that would sparkle up my dreams You showed me the way to gain back my salvation You taught me how to be the greatest among the nations

I never felt this type of way towards anyone Never felt like a weakling among the men Leaving me behind Turning off that light You just left without even saying goodbye

Leaving me alone Abandoned without a soul Knowing that you have left made me fall and scream Knowing that you left has extinguished the light that was in me

The thought of your departure has eradicated me Feeling so helpless and alone Without your guidance Please Come back to me Do not leave me

I've never needed anything else but you Never needed anyone but you Please.....

Stay right there with me Lying here next to me On the warm bed sheets Where we have fun and read

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