Ocean Eyes
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HEYY!! This a a collaboration Involving 13 writers and me from commaful, All of us wrote about the prompt ocean!! Thank you to everyone that participated and I hope we could do this again!!

Ocean Eyes

Far away A hurt blue soul A shattered crystalline heart That's fallen apart, just as his lover walked away Cries the soul, shards of lapis and sapphire As his lover sinks away - Sassmyass1

Sinking down and down, Torn apart and blown, She seeks love in the sea, But will that be? - @debadityadutta

Cotton clouds dipped in shades of blue Swirling colors of every hue Oceans grasped her feet that flew high Farther and farther away into the sky - @devilishegg

while free to do as she pleased, she never noticed the clear, thin glass that surrounded her, that caught each and every move. he was, in fact, an ocean in a bottle,

and she was just another one of his victims. and not unlike the others, she began to feel at ease within his walls, within his waves of nothing but desire. - @weeklybrent

But desires only held her, while it had in its hands, as it left, it stole parts, leaving her emptier within. Left her dissipated on the floor, like ocean waters infinite yet still, became the tranquil outside chaos, even the moon tide was scared of her calm. - @dogslinwriter

Her inner peace grows as she steps into the calming breeze and salted spray of the waters ahead. Like the force of azure waves crashing against the coastal crags,

she enters a new era of life with a newfound power to conquer her greatest fears with a confidence she has never felt before. - @genevieve

‘Ware the lure of tears; The saline realm of water Seeping from her eyes, Forgotten mysteries unfold Bind your soul in crystal chains. - @stevewaldrop

Binded by Crystal chains, she seeked refugee from the sun, Realized where the sun wanted her to move, she switched her paths and made a new one! The open oceans called out to her

A new lulaby she found in the waves, A little saline, a little allotropic they gave her a feeling like no other, A feeling like she was home!!! - @aska

Her immense power is a force to be reckoned with. She beckons with sweet calls of the sirens song. Traverse the fluidity with cautious care. For all her beauty of liquid nectar. She has a fury that one cannot fathom. A skyscraper of translucent sapphire can be summoned. Engulfing pastures far and wide.

A rapture of coercive energy. Consuming all that dare to stand in her way. Defying the gods of structure and form. Concrete empires crumble at her feet. She is the water that can warm one's heart. But be warned of her wrath that can tear one apart! - @poemsaboutlife

Her rage will soften your hefty rocks, but her waves can calm a storm, be wise, about which side you'll want to consume, or else she'll immerse you in never ending depths - @soothrain

Has been proved subsequently, The wrong choice, the wrong result, Grand minacious American psycho, Who jealousy has morphed into, Rendezvoused the serial killer, One, that needs no knives, no guns,

Enough the stolen heart collection, In old jars with murky water, The mahogany shelves giving in, Under all the unbearable weight. - @sugar_cupcake

Yet with her bound fury and rage, Lies the iron-cased remnants, Glistening in the light of her past shadows, The soft and gentle glimmer Of a girl once loved, portrayed against The waves she once dwelled in. They are a part of her, as is her volatile nature Of limitless depths. - @in

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