Nonconsensual  wicked stories

sassmyass1 Royalty of Commaful
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Did you really have to do this?


Consensual love ain't a thing no more Been trynna hide from you boy Infatuated with me Ain't gotta please ya It really ain't my job

Go on Pornhub Jerk off Don't come any closer Get out Door's opened

When I sleep I seek peace Not your place to touch me I feel weak Ashamed here Escaping my anxiety

Wicked, livid, dreaded, felt it Cried, threw a fit Can't help feeling broken Dissociating all night Incapable to hold onto a sight Why did you do this?

Can't forgive these streams of excuses You didn't have to do this Yet still chose to commit Crimes, can't fight I'm frightened Fear fills up my guts at night

Can't even walk out feeling comfortable When is this gonna pass rivers, fearing the inevitable Why did I get myself in this situation Why do you get to get so wasted, have fun while I yearn for stability

Still locked in this station Sitting and waiting for the train And Obsessing bout the outdated? Why can't I forget about it? Did you really have to do this?

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