My Mundaneness Flashbacks
My Mundaneness Flashbacks  mundane stories

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Falling into a deep sleep, filled with the horror of a past life, My last breath plays through my head, as I watch my soul drift away into a better place.

( second part of
The Middle-aged Men and the Teenage Boy )

My Mundaneness Flashbacks

I was that 15 years old

I was a victim

I was abused, alone, and disturbed

Because of two psychopaths

Two disgusting men

That couldn't keep a hold of themselves

Every day for a month, they'd come and tie me up so I couldn't move

And use me like a sex doll, to fulfill they're disgusting desires

I remember now

My death

While they were abusing me for the last time I were alive, it just felt like I lost hope in myself, it felt like my soul was being pushed into me and out of myself like I was holding onto a thread of life

I couldn't do it any longer, the pain was unbearable

And there I stand now in the second part of my dream watching myself die

Hearing my last breaths

flashbacks dull, full of nothing but one thing



Just fear

I continue waking up in a puddle of sweat

This dream looping in my head every single day

A nightmare I can't escape

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