Malia The Moon Goddess
Malia The Moon Goddess water stories

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The goddess of the Moon, Malia, has been protecting the earth for the past centuries...

Malia The Moon Goddess

Shining across the night sky

Malia sleeps on her home...

...the moon

Guarding the Earth against the danger that could come upon it

Hiding from Lunar eclipses as they'd amplify her dark emotions negatively and could force her to cause a mass destruction

Controlling the moonlight, which sources her powers, for the better of the earth.

Controlling the tides to heal the wounds of the Earth.

She's the goddess of the moonlight, healing, will, the night, and the tides.

She manipulates water and moonlight for the benefit of mankind

In order to keep the Earth at a well-balanced rate of purity and well-being.

Malia the worshipped moon goddess saves the earth no matter the obstacle that comes over her.

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