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HEYY!! This a a collaboration Involving several writers from commaful, All of us wrote about the prompts NEEDY AND LONELY!! Thank you to everyone that participated and I hope we could do this again!!


Blood and ice Flesh and snow Cook it up and melt it away Yearning for affection Confused with my regression Isolating myself while I freeze up once again @Sassmyass1

Winter frost bites my fingers, toes and soul dislodging precious parts from me. I remain calloused, sorely numbed to the pain, my igloo had holes in it. @Skye

Lonely by my own doing unraveling with need but scared I will push you away scare you away with my clinginess like a mosquito trapped in sap please do not leave me alone with the demons of my mind @animefreak

Thought she was needy Hung around like a shadow Clung to every word You turned away in disgust Too late you learn she loved you. ----

Her heart was lonely She saw you were lonely too And tried to reach you One dark day you looked for her But she was no longer there. @Stevewaldrop

The father figure, He never stood there, The day he knew I was a girl, He went away to never come back, Thunderstorms unfurl, I struggled to go to school, Working at houses ... some days cleaning stool, Yet I wanted to learn, To become something, And be free. @debadityadutta

Yesterday You left me drowning in your absence. Today I took three showers Turns out this is the kind of pain you can’t wash away. But still tomorrow, I’ll take four. @Regentgraces

Regina George Isn't she awesome? Kneel to her presence Attention seeker She needs you to let her take a sip of your soul What's your name, darling? She'll long into your gaze, devour your countenance ----

Is she looking for something? No, she's looking for someone But her loneliness? Blood splurging Phoenix wound And she resumes her journey To discover her cure @Friedchicken

Frozen in the icy restraints of loneliness. Chilled by the thought that I'm far away from happiness. I need the warm embrace of another human To thaw my cold, dejected heart. @Bruvton

I remember when I was sixteen, My emotions were exploding My whole body was moving I still can hear the music in my ear And see the Fireworks The beautiful shiny stars But that was ages ago -----

Look at me now? Can you see it? Can you see the emptiness? The loneliness in my eyes? Where is my friend? My family? Everyone, I know? @Edie_taylor

There are nights where I seriously don’t know who I am And there are times where my breathing gets outta control because shit has hit the fan. And what do you do when someone has fallen outta love with you. ----

I wanna love but I’m my biggest enemy. I'm always in my way and I wanna grow and I wanna stay the person I am forever and sometimes I still feel you even when we not together. Maybe it’s comfort I’m going for but I should probably just learn something new and let the oldish leave the door. ----

I’m torn... between two places, still back at home and now down here, I thought the plan was to breathe and give it some space and just be... I just wanna for once in this 20 years of living function properly.... never felt any more lonely. @Mentalflo

Reaching out as far as I can Reaching, grasping, for the way it was before Yearning, calling, waiting for an answer The echoes mock the sound of my hopelessness @hanniecakes

Though I instantly recoil, This desolate path I so eagerly followed, Led to streaking demons And pounding flesh. I sit alone and watch As the glacial silver frost Is consumed by kindling embers. No need for remorse, No rest for the wicked. @in

I am desperate for your touch while too timid to ask for it. Instead I silently beg from afar with pleading eyes and quiet words calling your name hoping you will see my neediness is only because I love you so, but you only see a lonely sad soul with too much time and not enough pastimes. @Genevieve

Locked in a dark room Emotions consuming me with doom I cant seem to shake that biter feeling of loneliness I bare When I cry why do people stare ----

Setting off another place in my mind how dare I can’t be alone, I need someone here I can’t be alone, I don’t feel safe dear @Jemise78

How should I have known It has been years since we've touched And years craving to see you again Locked in a dark room I didn't know you'd feel the same ----

I'm coming to you We don't want to be alone, I'm leaving from here We'll be together, don't be afraid my dear @Goldenratio0618

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