Light Up My World Now Won't You?
Light Up My World Now Won't You? thunder stories

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HEYY!! This a a collaboration Involving 20 writers and me from commaful, All of us wrote about the prompt Weather!! Thank you to everyone that participated and I hope we could do this again!!

Light Up My World Now Won't You?

I love storms they're loud yet soothing I can't explain it they just find a way to make me feel like you're always there - @Sassmyass1

The tingling sensation, of renew and peace left after their rage Is what I always thrive for. Gradually I learned the art of loving my storm, dancing at each thunderclap. - @soothrain

As I dance on the beat of the thunder, It always make me wonder, Why enchanting things are so mysterious That they hurt, yet steal one's breath away. - @aska

The enrapturing might of the Gods, Storms unraveling before my eyes, With each ravishing curve of the lightning, With every enraged shout of the thunder, -----

Collided with the dull sound of beating heart, The only time when fear and euphoria swirl, Together in a bewitching waltz. - @Sugar_cupcake

As the storm prances towards me I am in a trance and yet free I dance in the rain and let misery be As the turmoil of the storm and rain sets my tears free - @jbo

Dangerously close, Was the distance for me to realise, How indestructible, Magnetising, this stormy element is, How horrifying, Yet, exciting this dance feels. - @chhr1203

The darkness within my soul Engulfs me ever so silently In the rhythmic bolt sounds Of the approaching evil. - @Di144

I shiver taste the electricity in the air my bones sing along to the symphony of the heavens tears of the angels washing impurity away intensity and beauty how I always wish for more - @animekitty1

Yet I am rooted to the earth, Cursed, but destined To pirouette in potency. Though long for the surging, Imprint of shade. So I wait, blanketed By bitter storms, A mortal in the land of perpetuity. - @in

the harsh winds grab my arms guiding me like a mentor guiding me like a marionette the thunder and lightning command me filling excitement in my veins filling fear in my veins so much that when the song of rain ends my heart yearns for more - @routheboat

Thunder makes kids scream. “Run to under the bed”, they say. To try to get rid of all the monsters. There isn’t real monsters, it’s the thunder and lighting. - @itsluna

The storm lashes me like a huge dragon, I try to run away, But it's my own jargon, My thoughts become my monster, Tossing me on its palm, I in painful cry for help amid its laughter, When I will be calm. - @debadityadutta

the sounds of the skies beyond, resembles a true ecstasy. the singing storms go on, narrating its own biography. i cry not because of its distraught, but because they remind me of my battles that i have fought. - @queensky

The rain falling crisper, brisker as it slowly drips from the foggy window pane The bloody wrists of my mind dribbling crimson red thoughts that haunt a fate I can’t delay What is the point of living if I’m not even able to deal with my own brain? ------

The loneliness overflows my lungs, weighting on my chest like I have something to confess But no matter how hard I try to open up, to give people access to my heart there’s a wall keeping us apart - @badlands17

The merciless army Of Mighty Zeus Trouncing man's disrupted kingdom Raving, stripping off soil Bare bones of scorched Earth Kill the thirst for mortal blood Ichor tinted swords of freedom; Thunderstorms. - @friedchicken

And in like, we lose ourselves to our reverence; for we need to revere something. To believe that there exists a power, a magic worth believing in, worth living for. But this storm is not. It is a fleeting flash of something wonderful, and nothing more. - @affinity

It is a simple mirage of the mind. A glamorous show for our eyes, And for our minds. The beautiful flashes. The wondrous music of thunder. -----

Our bodies tingle with excitement; Feeling the electricity in the air. Though, we know it must end. This Unprecedented feeling. - @bride_of_freddy

We know it is not human, we know it's not okay. Why do we enjoy destruction and pain? Why are we so happy to see a light flash across the sky, forgetting to wonder who is might have hit? The sky darkens, and electricity makes the world feel alive. Yet why do we enjoy this? - @ginger_night

why do we enjoy this paradox of love and beauty, when it's anything but? we often place this act of destruction on display, forcing lightning into a bottle, seemingly calm and collected, even though we know, it is bound to implode, even though we know, this storm is anything but perfect. - @weeklybrent

Shattered dreams explode Thundering twisted nightmares Of screaming terror, Resounding roars that freeze bones. My heart fears naught with you here. - @stevewaldrop

Crumbled heart Thoughts got blown away Thundering through this void Who would soothe that storm If not you When the skies are falling Your tender raindrops Are filling up my soul - @goldenratio0618

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