Inevitably, life will pass
Inevitably, life will pass feather stories

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Dissociative, eight days a week.

Inevitably, life will pass

As light as a feather, in the night sky, Translucent complexion, pacing as I fly, Vitiligo, induced by anxiety, Dreading, a sleepless night, Accompanied by, the passing tides

As unapologetic as I may seem, Still made of flesh, un-secure until covered with grief Sassy, yet sad when anybody leaves, Dissociative, eight days a week,

Flowing locks of deep brunette hanging off my back, Sun-kissed, highlighting ginger coming from my dad, Enriched, voluminosity so motherly, Molded like bouncy hurricanes, so Lebanese,

Molds of tornadoes; unease Moldy trees, broken down by gusts of wind, Lightning strikes, around quickly, Thunderclaps, disrupting my sensory,

As the waves crash, stumbling slowly, Met with pain and misery, Life will pass inevitably, Happiness will be reborn eventually.... Eventually.......

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