Ignorance, the curse of humanity
Ignorance, the curse of humanity blm stories

sassmyass1 https://linktr.ee/Sassmyass1
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#Blacklivesmatter #LGBTQ+livesmatter

Ignorance, the curse of humanity

Ignorance is bliss, They told me that is what it is? A movement promoting equality, got them breaking from within? Equality for minorities, fearful becomes the majority?

Truly embarrassing for them, to be scared of the actions they commit.... Pepperoni on pizza is admirable, Yet the second a pineapple lands on a slice, they're already turning on their sides....???

The reason classifications exist either way is because of them, Acting like they are the victims when the riots uprise against them, You tore us down to the ground once upon a time, and are mad that history is catching up with your ass?

Black lives matter, as much as any other life. Not promoting blacks over the rest, just want equality!

Ignorance is really a curse of humanity, Can we just get rid of it already!!! Is peace too much to ask for?? Is this humanity???

LGBTQ+ lives matter just as well!! Raging at love like it's affecting them in any way.... Baby, we have watched your "norm" doing things on tv yet we are still part of the lgbt?

Yet...Looking at our "lifestyle" is going to ruin your prepubescent child????

Your ideologies are laughable, Completely fucking dismissible, Yet we can't do a thing about it, due to the major issues within minorities.....

Ignorance is gods revenge on humanity!! Eve fucked us over by munching on a poisonous apple in the garden of eden, Now we must roll and shake in our beds for the treason she's committed,

And I have to listen to dumbasses yammering right in my comments????? Please don't leave your incompetent opinions, it's getting really tired. thank you <3

Written by the unapologetic bitch: ~ Hisham (@sassmyass1)

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