I'd rather go blind
I'd rather go blind  rather-go-blind stories

sassmyass1 Royalty of Commaful
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His bleeding eyes have left me blind

I'd rather go blind

Stumbling upon a chared tree Seeing him with another b-i-tch What have I done to make you wander away Chase after cupcakes of a harpy?

A Siren, -Siren- cast a spell, upon my man Made him so blind Deaf, he can-not understand That I am his, and that he is -mine-

This stupid naive man Has wandered off again My, oh my I'd rather go blind Thank to see you run away with someone like her

Boy, you're so blind Horrendous what a sight I'd rather go blind than to see my man Walk away with someone like that

How did she bewitch, my little bitch? And make his eyes ooze blood, like a horned reptile? My man, -MANS- I'd rather go blind than to see you walk away with a -bitch- that could pass of as your -child-!

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