Hurt me
Hurt me  stretch stories

sassmyass1 Royalty of commaful
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So beat me up again!

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Hurt me

Stretch me out and hurt me Gouge my eyes out slowly Bloody murder screams emit Vocal cords, cut and slit Nobody comes looking for me Liking the feeling of this

Hurt me now and beat me Nobody will consent to this However, everything about your strength appeals to my senses Nothing will ever feel as good as your daily beatings

Never enjoyed harassment until I met your fists You're always throwing fits Blaming me for your misfortunes Stretching out every detail Blaming me for your misfortunes

Blaming me for what??? Bitch is your ass done?? How is it my fault that your drowning in the dust So beat me up again I'm daring you to touch me

The next time your fists come near me Paralysis will curse your body Your fists will fall down endlessly lose the sight you yearned from me

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