Friday the 13th
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Collaboration between me and 1 writer's, thank you guys for this amazing birthday gift <3

Friday the 13th

Come on here and surround me Intangible I cannot breathe Touching myself impossible My hand seeps through my skin molten butter Candles burn up in the nights my skin is still covered in ice bored, might possess a little child To entertain my endless demise

~ @sassymass1

I hear the footsteps But there's nobody near My heart is pounding So full of fear Is it a demon, maybe a ghost Whatever it is, it's getting close

~ @lianna_writes

Jerusalem candle Holy smoke I curse the day The dead awoke Through misty shadows Let me see Are they deceased Or is it me?

~ @bettyv

Windows too dark; Lightbulbs too dim. Too little sound In this broken place. Shadows creeping; Phantoms gliding. Scarred memories Of horror stories. Don't remember; I don't want to. There's too much fear With claws in my mind.

~ @call_me_jc

I’m drowning in dispair I’m trying to get a hold of your hand But I slip away Entrapped in a cave Darkness takes over my faith Voices in whispers call my name There’s light shining through a crack..

~ @doievenexist

What is it I peeped through it , damn it's just so petrifying Blood feeding demons shackled with chains It was difficult envisaging before I could grab my senses There were these sounds of chuckles and voices "Oh yes, these chains are breaking! "

~ @areeba

Anxiousness drooped from the ear, Fastened by a clip.

An uncomfortable feeling instilled in the bones, Making up your frame.

Conversations, Disapprovingly true.

The buzzing won’t stop, Willingness would fall, Until it’ll all stop, For once and all.

~ @somebody

She wasn’t stabbed, Wasn’t shot. Wasn’t even killed by a weapon. No drugs, No poison. Then, how did she die?

Her cells cackled With delight, For they were the reason, The woman had died. But her cancer is her Her cells are her. So the woman had murdered Herself.

~ @papaya_grl619

The ghost of my yesterday murders the spirit of my today Reminding me of horrors, embarrassments, dismays The currency of present is time but it decays I dread to face my past but my future can't delay

~ @sarjent_sitris

Seeing red rubies in the distant fog Curiously floating in pure air Hearing violent noises from a faraway dog As I'm walking forward and I feel a stare

Cautiously managing to avoid the dog Before I see bloody teeth in the distance As I realize it wasn't doing monologue Admitting the gruesome monster's existence

His red eyes shimmering bright As I frantically search for a way out Knowing this won't end a fair fight As I let out one last desperate shout

~ @whoknowsreally

Does anyone see me here in the fog? Blue lipped with terror and pure confusion Clawing freedom and trapped under a log Blood boiling at my final conclusion

My old stomach beat me to the escape All I feel is deep dark dissonant dread Buried alive and as much as I scrape Darkness swiped my future and it stole my head

~ @lozzabpoems

The horror tugs on its chain, tied to my wrist And I am pulled helplessly into an abyss We scrabbled up the rabbit hole like one mad dog Greeted with a red sky that’s gray as a bog

The chains rattle and crackle in the sound of the maze Its giggle and cackle would drive me insane I could see everything through this bloody haze I swear the terrors and fears won’t leave me this day

Shadows grow and stretch within their walls Until it reaches and envelops us all When my horror cries, I start to laugh too In the end I’m the insanity I’m going through

~ @themiddlechild

Proud dust, clinging and hesitant, denying the inevitable sleep. Bound in regret, haunted and despairing at the end of the day. A life short-lived; a candle extinguished carelessly by the wind.

Dearest ghost, there is nothing left for you here in this moment. What is it that you wait for in the corner of our room? Who is it that you wait for in the corner of our eyes?

~ @esperanza079

Six feet under That’s what they said Knock her out now Don’t wait til she’s dead

Bind her hands Chain her feet Only one breath now Over and over; repeat

Drag her down now Far below the surface Hush, no words spoken Be still; be wordless

Quick, with the shovel Take off our mask Revel at the fear Oh that fear, how we bask

And now that shes seen us Oh, no, we can’t wait THUMP goes the shovel Goodbye, such is fate

~ @kitten

I would like to thank you guys for this opportunity again <3 This is one of the greatest birthday gifts I could ask for!! Thank you for helping me reach 5k followers and for following up with my weird-ass ~ Unapologetic bitch

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