Firey Embers
Firey Embers  collab stories

sassmyass1 Royalty of Commaful
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A collab between me and several other poets about The firey sun of summer

Firey Embers

Burning suns and blooming skies Going out on a beautiful day Birds chirp and butterflies levitate A song I wrote for you to play

Hold onto this casket for a while Until the time would have arrived A firey summer that lasts so long ~ @Sassmyass1

Holding the warm wind, I travel along where sunlight droops blithely, It guides me to your presence, that radiates upon my cold. ~ @Soothrain

That cold that thaws At the hands of the summer blaze Drooping flames and dizzying haze Butterfly’s ascend every day Spirit and soul warming and begins to raise Love ascends, in the day, heat interlaced. ~ @Jbo

The summer days longer and longer Green grass between my toes Blue skies and tall blooming trees Butterflies and bees racing to flowers

Though spring has passed Nothing is stopping the sun to burn For the wind has blown... and blown for more ~ @rottweiler18

Wind has blown and blown for more carrying dandelion fuzz, clung to them are dreams so bright, wisping carefree in summer buzz. ~ @Skye

Blazing golden orb Smiles down on the cocoa skin Of romping children, Squealing with ecstatic joy, Revel in summer freedom. ~ @Stevewaldrop

Up TOP, a Sun Like a loaded gun. About to hit and Run.

In the middle, the Summer; Prepares to solve the riddle, Of how it is that we evolved.

Below, the Pyre, An embody of desire, Through which Fire conspires. ~ @rosarlei

And the amber star rumbles with glee Its rays roaring deep into our skin Sometimes infernal Sometimes heavenly Oh, orb of fire, how ardent are thee. ~ @Chronoprincess

Oh, orb of fire, Why dost thee take my light, Away, and givest me a fright? Yes, you are a beauty to beheld, Although seldom seen in the frigid months. You give some reason to live, for you are, in essence, time.

You give some reason to die. In essence, without you, a season cherished dearly by i would cease.

You slumber while i beg you, Give me Summer! But you are your own being. Thank ye, for giving us this to think and write about, O cherished orb of fire, And much more, for you give light, which we need. ~ @U53rn4m3

In our darkest days you've shined, but you still aren't really there. We simply wish to not be ignored by your light. We beg for love and compassion. Give us reason to live. ~ @Ginger_night

Beware of the hot and summery nights, When the day refuses to surrender. The Sun prevails as the moon starts her climb, Watch out — she's got fire in her eyes. ~ @whynot

A powerful spark that must ignite To successfully defeat all in sight A climb to the top of the jungle To watch over all the others ~ @SXSPAN

While watching over the enemy, Sun despite the trees.. feel quite warm, They finally tired... I feel dreamy, The sun sets once again in this wild farm. ~ @debadityadutta

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