Far beyond a Color
Far beyond a Color ignorance stories

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All lives won't matter unless the rest are seen. Rip to all the victims around all the world!! The victims in Brazil, UK, etc.. rest in peace <3

Far beyond a Color

Black women killed by the police

A homo sapien Human being Human Person soul

Stewed by the condition our world is currently in Color is seen as what defines a homo sapien One couldn't breathe without racial discrimination

Desiring peace during a pandemic and crisis However, "gifted" with nothing but horrid things that just worsen everything I really can't believe that people are acting like this

Please tell me how YOU'D feel if you were in their situation?? You're never gonna understand the bashing and humiliation Years of agony suffered by the hands of supremacists

You're NOT a minority Why are you mad at a phrase that screams out peace Preaching on how "All lives matter" when you wouldn't even consider them

All lives DO matter, however that isn't the situation now All lives clearly are not being treated fairly by the general

Black lives are not seen! How could you come back and preach?? People of color are not seen! Yet you still have the audacity!!

Don't get me started with the anti-muslim things that I've seen

So no, All lives don't matter currently Cause if they did, they prejudice wouldn't be a thing All lives can't matter unless the rest are seen

Cause currently STRAIGHT WHITE CHRISTIAN MEN are the only ones that are "seen" It's clear that not all White people are the problem however, your ancestors spread these problems

********************************** On a side note, this isn't meant to bash anyone at all There are many people commenting about how All lives matter Which is completely true

However, we're in a current situation where black lives are completely being dismissed from that statement That is why the "Black lives matter" movement was established!! Please look into it before spreading more ignorance!!

Cause if all lives did matter to you!! Why!!! Why aren't you angry too???? Why are you not furious about all the pain that black people endured?????!!!!!!

Rest in peace to all the victims of police brutality Across the globe from Brazil to all the way to the Indian sea Rest in peace to the innocent, that's life's been taken away <3

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